When downloading any of the following command files, the browser will change the requested file extension to .bin. Be sure to save the files with the required name extensions, not the browser values.


wares.pif desktop .pif file to start WARES.

wares.bat revised to work with EMSmagic and netprint.bat.

netprint.bat revised sample printer sharing batch file.

netshare.bat revised sample file sharing batch file.

rdpprint.bat sample file for remote printer sharing.


config.txt file for vDosPlus WARES configuration.

autoexec.txt file for vDosPlus WARES execution.


Update Patches files

Update patches to WARES 4.50E:

Determine your WARES working directory:

  1. Start WARES from your desktop, using your supervisor level login
  2. Press F5 to display the Command-WARES window
  3. Type PC <enter> to show the DOS system command window
  4. The command window last line displays your working directory, followed by a > symbol. Typically the working directory is C:\ATLAS or W:\.
  5. Type EXIT to leave the DOS command window
  6. Press esc to leave the Command-WARES window

Install patches as follows:


Where the following instructions show {working directory}, substitute the working directory from the previous section, typically W: or C:\ATLAS.

  1. Delete all files in directory {working directory}\PATCHES
  2. Download archive file
  3. In My Computer, Right-click Downloads\ and chose Extract all ...
  4. Follow the wizard directions, saving the files to directory {working directory}\PATCHES when prompted
  5. Login to WARES
  6. At menu selection Tools ‣ Utilities ‣ Bundle, install patches from Bundle Volume PATCHES
  7. At Bundle Filename, press F2 and choose a file as needed
  8. At Action, press F2 and choose RESTORE
  9. Press F9 to complete the restore and exit the Bundle utility.

Evaluation copy of 4.50E

Download a demo version of WARES 4.50E

Install this program at a Windows command prompt with the following commands:

cd %USERPROFILE%\Downloads
md .\waresdem
waresdem.exe .\waresdem
cd waresdem
install c:

EDI Standards packages

The following EDI standards table data are available for download:

Install these packages with the WARES update installer, as follows:

  1. In MyComputer, create a folder at the root of drive C:, C:\TEMP. If this directory exists already, delete any files within it.
  2. Download a standards archive executable and the matching .alm instructions, saving the files in folder C:\TEMP.
  3. From WARES menu selection Tools ‣ Utilities ‣ Update, install the updates from file path C:\TEMP.