DOS WARES has extensive user documentation integrated into the program, through the Access ‣ Manuals selections and the <F1> and <Ctrl-F2> key presses at all points in the program. Different from that sort of program documentation, this site covers issues with program execution on various Windows and other platforms.

WARES Multiuser Servers

A separate website, AAltsys Servers, is dedicated to WARES server software and hardware.

Briefly, in a multiuser environment, WARES requires a server to host program files which are shared to users. Beneath WARES, the DOS-based Advanced Revelation database performs sharing and record-locking services using Microsoft SMBv1 networking protocols. Microsoft has deprecated SMBv1 in current versions of Windows 10, so we sell an alternative server which does support these network protocols. The WARES server is a turnkey package of Apple Mac mini hardware hosting the Ubuntu Linux-based Zentyal Server package.

vDosPlus Alternative to DOS

Due to Microsoft’s negligence, Windows has many barriers to executing DOS programs such as WARES. Many developers have worked on these problems, and as a result there is now an excellent tool for addressing Windows/DOS issues:

WARES Execution Alternatives.


Where WARES is running in a 32-bit Windows environment with only one or two configuration issues, some of these topics are addressed here:

DOS WARES Configuration.

Support Documents

Specific WARES problems are addressed at DOS WARES Support Pages.

Data Export Mapping

The export mapper at eXchange ‣ Export/import ‣ Exports can define flat-file and structured text exports of WARES data records. WARES can export individual records, selected groups, or entire files (tables), and exports may be batched, or be selected during printing, or be triggered when transactions are saved. The Export Mapper can write JSON documents to interface DOSWARES with web applications.

For details, see DOS WARES Export Facility.

JSON Orders Import

Part of export development has produced a JSON orders import for orders exchange with accounts. Implementation details are at JSON Import Implementation.



This page consolidates the various DOS support files for WARES, including:

  • Batch execution files
  • Program patch updates
  • A demo copy of WARES Warehousing
  • EDI standards table data
  • WARES 4.34B to 4.50E Upgrade
  • Upgrade files and instructions to convert from version 4.34B to 4.50E

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